Android Live Ocean Wallpaper

Cant get to the beach this summer? bring the sights & sounds of the beach to your Android phone.
Relax at the beach with the sight and sounds of the ocean waves.

Enjoy watching the waves crash ashore.

Hear the sounds of the beach anytime by tapping the live wallpaper.

Free Bacon for Andriod!

Our first Android live wallpaper is in the Marketplace.
Now has fully animated Bacon!
Touch the bacon to hear the sizzle!

My G1 had to be put down Saturday.

My G1 has survived a lot of abuse at my hands. Many wipes, hacks, failed mod attempts…

However, what ultimately led to its demise was a simple hardware failure; also possibly my fault.

It seems as if the Red Power button was stuck down. So no matter what I was doing the Power Off menu kept popping to the foreground. As soon as I would dismiss it, pop! It would be back again. Which made it impossible to anything with the phone.

Upgraded Andriod G1 to CyanogenMod 4.1.999 w/ minor problems

Well I took the plunge and so far its pretty good. After following the new (and more complex) steps I was able to install the latest ROM from CyanogenMod.

new versionnew version

Troubles I had:

Mobile Themed my Drupal site.

I wanted to offer a 'lighter' theme for mobile visitors so I tried out the Mobile Tools module
I got it to work for me after I made some customizations.

It is very good module that has a lot of options...
The method that appealed to me the most was an option to display a block asking the user if they would like to switch. It even detects if its a mobile user browsing the desktop version. That way you don't have to have the block up all the time.

Drupal, blogapi, Twitter, PixelPipe &Android

I like all the items mentioned in the title.
I use the drupal twitter module to send tweets when I add content to my site. I use pixelpipe to send content to my site from my android phone via drupal's blogapi module.
Unfortunatly the blogapi module does not trigger the twitter module.
One work around is using the actions/trigger module but that doesnt pipe the URL though tinyurl first.
Here is my solution.
I altered the twitter_actions.module so that it automagicly converts the url (using existing code)

Film Riot (Frist post form phone)

this video cast is awesome.

Recent small Flash project

I created this for Stericson who does some amazing Android work.
I use his Lockscreen app on my G1. It is very cool and useful.
I can't wait till he completes a few features he has in the works!

My Current G1 settings