Free #Articulate Skins! And Full Featured Skins Too.

I'm glad to roll these out!
We have been building custom skins for clients for a while. Now we have taken a lot of what we learned and used it to build these skins.

Cut-n-Paste as PNG (Add-in for PowerPoint)

There are a lot of good reasons to convert your PowerPoint graphics into PNGs... Especially if you are using Articulate.
It can reduce file size and simplify a cluttered slide. You can also do cool stuff like set transparent areas; Tom Kuhlmann has a great screenr on that
I despise repetition in my daily life and often create snippets of code to automate stuff I find myself doing over and over. In this case I created a PowerPoint add-in that puts a button on the Ribbon that quickly does the cut-paste for me.

Short ActionScript snippet to count down time

Not much to see here...
A friend asked for a snippet of code to count down mins:secs

var interval:Number
var seconds = 90; // one min and 30 secs

function countDown() {
mins = Math.floor( seconds / 60 ) //calc mins left
//calc secs left and stick a 0 in if less then 10 (prettier)
secs = seconds % 60 < 10? 0 + "" + seconds % 60:seconds % 60
if (seconds == 0) {//stop timer if done
trace( mins + ":" + secs ); //do something with output
//call our function every second
interval = setInterval(countDown,1000)

#Articulate Guru Awards Entry

This course was created for Dominion Virginia Power (my day job). Read about how/why it was created below or jump to the bottom and click the screenshot to view the course.


Our team was tasked to develop online training for our company’s Safety Policy. We decided that since content is static and has a large audience it was a great opportunity for us to create something unique. 


Playing with Articulate Engage Links

I got a question about opening links in the same window from Engage.
It is not very easy to it from within Engage itself. But if you are willing to edit the XML after you publish your file it is not too hard to accomplish. And it opens up other possibilities as well.

Here is the code I used in the examples:
(note I converted " to &quot; )
javascript:alert( &quot; test &quot; );;,&quot;mywindow&quot; ,&quot;status=0,location=0,resizable=1,width=550,height=450&quot;);

#Articulate Printable User Slide Notes

This widget allows your user to create and save their own notes on each slide which they can print later.

It remembers the notes between sessions as well so that the user can leave the course and come back later.

You can rename the Tab to what ever you want in the art_plugins.xml

Another use might be to have students describe something on the slides then copy and paste it into an email.

Grab the files from

Android Live Ocean Wallpaper

Cant get to the beach this summer? bring the sights & sounds of the beach to your Android phone.
Relax at the beach with the sight and sounds of the ocean waves.

Enjoy watching the waves crash ashore.

Hear the sounds of the beach anytime by tapping the live wallpaper.

Community Files

There are lots of folks out there on the internet creating solutions to enhance elearning. Sometimes it can be a bit hard to find them. And for those of you selling your solutions it can be a pain to set up a site with paypal and then get the word out.
We added a new feature over at that lets authorized users submit files for share/sell.
Here is a quick screenr on how it works.

Free Bacon for Andriod!

Our first Android live wallpaper is in the Marketplace.
Now has fully animated Bacon!
Touch the bacon to hear the sizzle!

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