Custom Articulate Skin [NOT for Sale]

This skin was a lot of fun to create.
Take a moment to play with it... might help you re-think how Articulate looks and feels.
Click the screen shot to play with a live demo.
This skin is not for sale but feel free to contact me if you are interested in having your own custom skin developed.
skin thumbnail

Automagicly Collapse Articulate Menus

In comments Rob pointed out to me that the icon didn't change back and that it didn't work very well if you had 3 levels. These issues should be fixed now.
It's great to get feedback from the community like this! Keep it coming!

Linky Tab: open URL from Articulate Tab

I got a request recently...

"Hi James, Quick question – is it possible to add an Articulate toolbar item that simply opens up a formatted HTML page in a new browser window?"

So I thought of a solution that would be easy for you the user to customize.

Download the free version here: linkyTab Or purchase the full version from

Watch the screenr to see how it works and the difference between full and free versions.

Apple Tablet Prototype?

This seems to be the first version of the Apple Tablet.

It really shows Steve's desire to keep the interface and device simple.

It didn't do well in testing and they had to go back to the drawing board.

Articulate Next and Back Toolbar Buttons [Free]

I received a few request to extend my "Articulate Tab(s) that jump to any slide(s) you choose" into something that could be used as simple Next/Back navigation.
File download:

$8 Articulate Skin vs. $2K Skin

Recently a few questions have arisen about the differences between the skin I offer for 8 dollars and my custom skins. Specifically, “Why does a custom skin cost up to $2,000 when that other one is so inexpensive?” It’s a valid question that deserves a comprehensive answer
First, keep in mind most of my skins are well below 2K. It all depends on what you ask for.

Some things you get with a custom skin.

Skip Articulate Quiz

Someone recently posted a question in the Articulate Forums:

Hi Everyone! I have an interesting question for you all.. I've created a 17 slide presentation with 2 quizzes mix in. The user must have the option to SKIP to the next slide if they choose not to the quiz. My problem is the skip button must be within the quiz.

Pause Articulate when links open [free file]

The Problem:
When a user follows a link your Articulate presentation your presentation keeps playing in the background.
The Solution:
Over ride Articulate's function for opening URLs with the following code.
_global.my_pptHyperUrl = function(theurl){
getURL(theurl, "arttpopper");
_level44.pptHyperUrl = _global.my_pptHyperUrl

Try it here Right click and save this link to get the swf Save SWF

Inject code into Articulate via null.swf

Sometimes when I need to get some code into Articulate early in a presentations life cycle I hijack the null.swf file. Articulate seems to use this file as a place holder for swfs it may or may not load later. The null.swf itself really doesnt have any AS code in it so it's a good place to play.
Keep in mind it gets loaded more then once so you may need to build some checks into your code to make sure you dont repeat yourself.

Here is an example of 'security' using this file. Let's say I wanted to make sure my courses where only run off my own site I could use this:

My Articulate 2010 Wish List

Articulate is an awesome product with a great community behind it. Additionally their support rocks. But we should all challenge ourselves to be better.

Having spent a few years using Articulate, and the last year really digging deep into it, I have come up with a few items I would love to see in the next version of Articulate. Feel free to add your wishes via comments.