Add font tag to #Articulate slide title

In @jadekelsall's excellent blog post on Editing Articulate presentations without republishing she mentions that you can edit the slide titles.
I wanted to take just a moment to show how you can alter the look of those titles with a little html.
For more about font tags check out
The example file I used here was from this post Add Brainstorm and Sort Interaction to Articulate for 99ยข


This doesn't work on the Presentation title. Has anybody gotten that to work? Thanks.

Does this work with any OS? I've recently upgraded to a Windows7 OS, and am having a hard time finding codes that work with it.

Tried doing this neet trick all day and for some reason its not working - Any ideas?

PART OF CODE that is in presentation.xml

<![CDATA[<font size="+2" face="Comic Sans MS" color="#FF0000">Implications</font>]]>

<Title><![CDATA[<font size="+2" face="Comic Sans  MS" color="red">STI prevalence and implications</font>]]></Title>


<Title><![CDATA[<font size="+2" face="Comic Sans  MS" color="#FF0000">Implications</font>]]></Title>

Hmm I did a quick copy/paste of the xml you posted and it worked for me... could you use to show me whats happening?

Ive sent some files over via email to see if this strange problem can be solved...THNX

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