Automagicly Collapse Articulate Menus

In comments Rob pointed out to me that the icon didn't change back and that it didn't work very well if you had 3 levels. These issues should be fixed now.
It's great to get feedback from the community like this! Keep it coming!

Recently a friend asked if I could solve this long standing problem posted in the Articulate Forums by "doofdaddy": (wow what a silly name... bet he won't go far with Articulate... wait that's who? oh.. never mind, I stand corrected)
doofdaddy asks:
"I have a presentation with about 100 slides. I broke them into ten sections (level 1) of ten slides each. All of the slides that are not section headings are level 2.
The menu shows ten slides. When I get to the appropriate section, the section expands and reveals the level 2 slides.
Is there a way to make those slides collapse after I leave the section?"

Turns out there is...
The trickiest part to using this file is that it needs to be available to the player early in the cycle and from any point. To accomplish this I am hijacking an Articulate file named 'null.swf'. This is a great place to inject code into Articulate... the downside is that you will need to manually copy the file into the correct place after you publish your course (each time you publish).
So... play with it here.
Download the free file by right-clicking here.
Watch the screenr below for more details.


Hi James,
i'd like to use the collaspe menu null.swf HOWEVER i'd like to use it with the engage menu remover wideget which also has a null.swf.

Is there a null.swf that accomodates both functions?


Great question Garry. So many of our solutions use the null.swf... we have been thinking about this problem for a while. I have been testing a new solution; if you would like to help test it shoot me an email.

I used your null.swf in my player directory, but what happes is the menu folds down as it should, but when I move out of the submenu the icon rolls back to a "folded" state, but the menu items remain on screen. I have to select the menu arrow icon to fold it away again.

...many thanks for sharing this. It's a great little addition that helps ALOT, especially with larger courses.
Thanks again, i can't wait to see what customisations you have in store next!

Thanks once again for sharing your Flash/Articulate coolness, James. This is great stuff!

This is brilliant....kind of.

Two issues: When one of the menus collapses, it doesn't return the little arrow to the "collapsed" direction.

Also, and this is bigger, if you are nested into a third level of menus, it collapses the 2nd level menu together. Is there a way to only have it collapse top-level menus?

Is it possible to post the FLA file for people who want to goof around with it? :) :)

THANKS for this!

Thank you for the great feedback!
I have updated the file to fix those issues... the icon is fixed and it should work with 3 levels now.. but no promises if you've got more then 3!

Collapsing menus - FANTASTIC, thanks so much, I have also asked this question on the forums, (and submitted and enhancement request).
Brilliant - well done.

Great solution! Thank you very much for offering this up, I put it to use immediately! I'd also like to second the request by Brian. We too would like to find a way to keep the top level slide highlighted when users are navigating the hidden sub-level slides.

Keep up the excellent work!

This is great! I have another question. How hard would it be to remove or change the arrow on the top level screens. For a lot of our courses, we just want to show the section, and not the slides beneath that section. If we could keep the menu collapsed, but highlight the top level in the nav for all sub-slides, that would be ideal. Currently, the nav only highlights the top level, and when you go to the sub-slides, it goes away.

Hmmm good question... let me think on it.

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