Just a little something I'm working on #Articulate #Engage

Im working on an Engage interaction that will build a bar chart.
Take a look and leave me some feedback/suggestions (the first few seconds of the screenr is Flash compiling..)


I've added audio to each of the bars in the chart. If I click a bar before the preceding audio finishes, the audio overplays. This is a major problems, since users, no doubt, will jump around.
In addition, graphics added to the bar chart text area are really tiny.

Are you planning any updates that correct these problems?

Hmm I believe we fixed that issue a few months ago.
As with all our products upgrades are free so you should just be able to download the new version from your account.
If it still doesnt work then you may want to contact us via the web site so that a support ticket will get generated.

How can I make a % sign display on the bar after each number?

good point about add the labels...
maybe i can put them over the bars

I think the clickable barchart concept is useful, but I think it's important for usability/readability of the chart that the column/bar labels are always shown (which they're currently not).
I wonder if it'd be more effective to just make a graphic image of the relevant chart (including labels) and put it in a labeled graphic Engage interaction instead with a click-target (which could be titled "Details" or somthing more illuminating) over each bar?
I think it's awesome you made this though (really...good Flash skills, etc.)

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