My Articulate 2010 Wish List

Articulate is an awesome product with a great community behind it. Additionally their support rocks. But we should all challenge ourselves to be better.

Having spent a few years using Articulate, and the last year really digging deep into it, I have come up with a few items I would love to see in the next version of Articulate. Feel free to add your wishes via comments.

In no particular order:

  • Move the code base to ActionScript 3. This would make the product more efficient and attract more Flash Programmers./li>
  • Add Event broadcasters to the SDK. It would be great to know when a student clicked the next button for example, or when a slide ends, or if a toolbar item is activated.
  • Add LMS/Scoring to the SDK. It would be great if my swf could send a score to Articulate which would then be part of the Pass/Fail /Complete/Incomplete eventually passed on to the LMS.
  • Incorporate Screenr into the product line.  Perhaps even add the ability to annotate Screenrs./li>
  • I know it is not really part of Articulate Studio (yet) but please add more login options for Screenr.
  • Let me put more than one Flash objects on a slide!
  • Create an exchange site where folks like me can upload their work.  I see this as a logical extension of the Community.  Most of the software world is moving this way… iPhone apps, Android Marketplace, heck Ford Sync has an app store. It would be a great selling point, attract more developers, and result in better eLearning. Maybe there could be a request section where folks could ask devs to create stuff…
  • This one is a bit of a stretch… but hey, we can dream right? Each named powerpoint object should keep that name when converted to swf.  So if a box is named “bigBlueBox” in ppt I would be able to find it with some ActionScript. Perhaps it could just be an attribute of the converted object.
  • Player Template Dialog improvements. This screen is always sloooow for me. In addition, often when I make a change, it does not seem to stick; the next time I publish or preview it still has the old template. Also, why must I play that ‘save file’ game every time I make a change?


Hi James

The ability to mount multiple Flash objects on a presenter slide would be my biggest wish. It's something that can be done in Captivate.

Here's hoping!

Have you heard when there might be new Articulate Studio release?

Hi James, I have also emailed you some ideas around a new approach for AP content navigation (word doc). When you get a chance, can you offer your 2 cents worth. Hope 2010 is good for you.
Cheers Gazzzz

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