Full-screen Articulate

Full-screen Articulate via new menu item Demo & Files:



I want to download the file, but the link does not work. where I can download it?

Thanks, you help me a lot

I really love to play computer games and that too full screen; otherwise we do not get the feel of enjoyment. Since they have provided options to toggle between full screen with shortcuts, it have become far more easier.

It appears that articulate '09 still doesn't load this on the first try. Sometimes it's still necessary to refresh. Has anyone solved this issue yet?

We have a widget that will solve it for you.

Is there any way to achieve this in Storyline?

That is a good question. I think I could do it for Flash output. But I will need to look into how to do it for HTML5 (if it can be done..)


I too am having an issue where the tab is not present until I re-fresh the page. I hope to find a solution soon!



Great thanks for all the info!

I dont know if anyone has experienced this....but everytime I copy (and replace) the files, my attachments for the presentation stop working!!
Any idea why??

hmm I haven't heard of that before.
Can you post a link to your files?

very awesome.Thank you for posting this.

Hi there:

This looks awesome but when I try the demo at the link provided above the Screenr the 'Full Screen' tab does not appear in either IE7 or FF 3.5.7.

Am I doing something wrong?



Yeah... this comes up from time to time... I think it has to with Articulate itself not waiting to load all the tabs before displaying. Often if you refresh it will work. I think the great minds at Articulate are working on it.

Hi, i viewed your screener about the fullscreen tab.. I really liked and decided to use it on one of my e-learning. But I was wondering if there was anyway to remove the "Press ESc to exit fullscreen mode" sentence that appears when i click the fullscreen tab... Thank you will be waiting

Adriana Stockton
Graphic Designer
Solutions by Design

Thank you I'm glad you like it!
That bit of instruction is built into the Flash Player itself. It is a safety/security feature so that bad guys can't take over your screen. Adobe is protecting us. Sorry, nothing I can do.

Very good post, thanks a lot.

Hi -- great information. Thanks for posting. One quick question: We're having a bit of trouble getting an articulate file to play within our theme. Would you be so kind as to let me know the steps you took (short of using object and embed). Thanks.

Sure I am using SWF Tools to embed Engage swfs.
I have not tried to embed a full presenter file... I think it could be done you just have to make sure you include all the javascript code from the published html.
Perhaps I should make a drupal module for it.

Awesome widget!!

I didn't know you have this site! Really beautiful!!!

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